A Real Wedding Checklist

Look at that thing. Seriously, take a look at it. It’s more complicated than Celebration’s whole accounting system. Just doing a quick Google search I found hundreds if not thousands of these “Wedding Checklists”. Even the simple ones were incredibly long. It seems like there is incentive in the wedding industry to make you feel like your wedding is such a huge undertaking that you need to hire a dozen planners just to help you out. But do you really?

Now I’m not saying having a planner is bad, it isn’t and it may take some stress off you, but it should ease your burden not add to it. Here’s a little secret from me: there are only two really important things on your wedding day.

  1. Your Love. As cliche as it sounds at the end of the day this is what the whole thing was about. Your relationship will last far beyond this one day of celebration and if you’re not sure it will then having a big party isn’t a reason to get married. Never forget that you and your partner’s love for each is the most important thing.
  2. The Marriage License. I’ve seen this listed as a “Loose End” on some checklists. I couldn’t believe it! Without a Marriage License you’re not really married in the eyes of the State. None of the advantages granted to married people like having a say in your spouse’s medical care, automatically inheriting joint property should something happen to one of you, etc. count if you don’t have the License.

That being said, your wedding should be a fun an enjoyable experience and Celebrations DJ Service can help. Not only will we be there to play music and entertain your guests, but we can help you plan and make sure you are ready to go on the big day.

Sure there will be To Do lists and things you need to arrange like venue, wedding party, and whatnot. Just don’t let those things become all the event is about. You’re having one of the best days of your life and it should be fun and easy not a giant ball of stress. So, take a deep breath and remember what’s important.